London, January 2013

Horwath Hotels, Tourism and Leisure (HTL), the world’s oldest and largest hospitality consulting network, have contributed 30 key market reports to the latest edition of the Hotel Yearbook (, one of the Hotel industries most respected annual publications.

The Yearbook provides in-depth, cutting edge opinion and commentary about the industry for the coming 12 months, taking renowned experts from across the industry and collating their views in one publication. The key contents of the Yearbook are the global market reports, which highlight hotel markets around the world showing what can be expected during the coming year. These reports are vital for anyone who wants to get a good understanding of expected trading conditions, and provides insightful commentary from local Horwath HTL experts.

This year Horwath HTL wrote 30 market reports covering Asia-Pacific, the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The European report was titled “13 Tales of Hope’ reflecting the cautious optimism in some of the markets. Asia’s report is called “Promising’ and looks at 10 key markets in the region. The MEA report is ‘Africa, Slow but Steady’ and the Americas report ‘On the Upswing?’

Woody Wade, publisher of the Hotel yearbook said “The Market Reports are a significant piece of the Hotel Yearbook, and it’s important to us that we have a partner who is able to offer global coverage, giving consistency and quality all around the world. Horwath HTL are able to provide such criteria and add significant value to the publication.’

Robert Hecker, chairman of Horwath HTL said ‘The Hotel Yearbook sets the tone for the coming year, and its opinions and expert commentary are used by many in the hospitality industry. We are delighted to be able to contribute to the publication and help our clients and colleagues prepare for 2013. Congratulations to Woody for once again bringing together such a formidable team of experts for the Hotel Yearbook.”

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