Tourism development strategy for Mali Lošinj and Cres

Tourism development strategy for Mali Lošinj and Cres – Mali Lošinj, Croatia

Key Service: Tourism
Location: Mali Lošinj, Croatia
Product: Tourism development strategy

Horwath HTL was appointed by the group of local public and private sector stakeholders to define tourism development strategy for Mali Lošinj and Cres, with main goal to define joint development vision for newly consolidated destination.

Description of Project
Although being neighboring destinations, Mali Lošinj and Cres have developed in an unequal pace as a result of more favorable climate and tourism stakeholders’ structure in the island of Lošinj. Therefore, strategy had to provide efficient solutions that will enable more stable and sustainable development on both sides based on common tourism products and experiences. Defined tourism strategy represents a stronghold for future tourism development and market positioning of newly consolidated destination. Shortly after city level institutions have adopted the strategy, destination tourism boards have signed agreement for cooperation, thus marking new era in destination product and marketing development.