The leisure market is constantly on the lookout for the next new thing. Innovation abounds, above all in the mirrored reality created by information technology on new formats and in new spaces.

New business, real estate and video game operators are expressing fresh interest in leisure facilities. Today, leisure activities are being combined with work, with health and with shopping.

Leisure Factory © was born out of the observation that, in this ever-changing market, the methods used throughout previous decades to design leisure activities — copying what was already working elsewhere and seeking public funding for less profitable operations — are no longer effective.


Leisure Factory © works at the heart of Horwath HTL to analyse disruptive trends, seek out innovative concepts and develop cutting-edge, creative solutions for the leisure activities of tomorrow, often based on hybrid concepts that combine tourist accommodation, leisure, culture, sport and business.

The innovative capabilities of Leisure Factory © are also used in conjunction with our advisory services and to support project leaders throughout the processes of financial research, implementation monitoring, marketing, and preparing for the start of operations.

The Leisure Factory © team at Horwath HTL can therefore provide turn-key solutions to help make your project a reality.

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