Branding brief with branding strategy of Istria

Branding brief with branding strategy of Istria – Istria County, Croatia

Key Service: Tourism
Location: Istria County, Croatia
Product: Branding brief

Istria County tourist board appointed Horwath HTL to define the footholds for redevelopment of Istria region tourism brand by taking in consideration strategic guidelines from the Master plan and marketing plan
Description of Project
The main task of the project was to develop a comprehensive branding strategy which had to define long-term plan for the development of a successful brand in order to achieve specific goals. Branding strategy defined what Istria stands for, the image it conveys, the message it has to deliver and the way it communicates with its guests. Based on the branding strategy, a professional branding brief has been developed that served as a base for marketing/creative agencies to create Big Idea for Istria.