Long-term support to hotel company Maistra d.d.

Long-term support to hotel company Maistra d.d. – Istria region, Croatia

Key Service: Asset Management
Location: Istria region, Croatia
Product: Operational Review

Product: Operational Review / Audit, KPI Analysis & Benchmarking, Optimisation of Sales & Cost Structures, Performance & Future Reservation Outlook, CAPEX Requirements & Investments, Support for Owners in Budget Negotiations

Increasing international competitivness and the value of the company.
Client hired Horwath HTL to transform the company. The aim was to increase ROI and achieve international competitiveness. Horwath HTL has provided support in strategic development (strategic plan 2010-2015) and as a result of the adoption and implementation of the plan, 130 mil. EUR investment was realized in this period, revenues increased by 67%, EBITDA + 10 p.p. and the ratio debt to EBITDA decreased three times.